Open Day Report

On 16th March 2014 we held an Open Day, welcoming the public into our riding school so they could meet our horses, meet our staff, take a look around the school and find out everything that we have to offer.


We also welcomed Henry the Mechanical Horse who came from the British Equestrian Federation. In the two weeks Henry was with us he was a great help to promote horse riding and to encourage people would haven't ridden in a while to get back into the saddle, or those that have never ridden to give it a go.


The weather was absolutely perfect and we all basked under the warm spring sunshine, while our very special guest, Francis Whittington, explained the benefits of riding and helped a gentleman learn the basics aboard Henry. Francis is an International Event Rider who is part of the 2014 CICO squad and regularly gives our staff lessons.


During his two week visit Henry went to local schools, leisure centres and supermarkets with our team to help promote horse riding. He was loved by all that met him and many people braved a ride on him to experience what it is like to be ride a horse. We're looking forward to welcoming many of those people to our riding school in the coming months.

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