Schooling Livery

Schooling livery is provided by Grove Farm for you and your horse.


Our service if offered for any type of horse for various reasons:-


Need your horse schooled to correct any problems that your are encountering with them.


You have a  schooled horse needing training maintained whilst you are away


Competitions,  need your horse trained and developed for the type of competition you are aspiring towards,  you don't have the time or the facilities to school your own horse


Young horses needing extra help with their flatwork or jumping.


Need fitness training, muscle tone & strength can be developed to meet your riding requirements


May wish your horse to become more obedient or safer when riding on roads





Perform better at your required riding discipline


Will be lighter in the hand and less tiring to ride


Will be safer to ride


Your horse will look better as they will be fit and supple




Prices for our Service:



The cost of this service includes all of our full livery services whilst your horse is with us at Grove Farm


A detailed training plan will be put together for you and your horses specific needs.

Price: From £38 per day

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